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Only 2 more sleeps to go!

The journey to Trim from Coniston went well yesterday and we met up with Pat before getting on the Stena boat (Cairnryan to Belfast).


James and Laura had a more eventful and stressful journey as they got stuck in traffic driving from Leeds to Manchester airport. They had an incident going through security, when the security camera revealed a ‘gun’ in James’ hand luggage. This turned out to be a set of spare inner tubes for the tandem! Miraculously they managed to catch their flight by the skin of their teeth.

This morning we all turned up for Race Registration and kit inspection. You can see us here in a team shot (missing Lydia who flies into Dublin tonight)


Jonathan and all the team did a top job getting us through the registration process. Lakeland Landrover deserve a mention for the work they have completed on our safety lights and spot lights. RAI see a lot of these and thought this was one of the best they had seen. High praise indeed.

The RTE film crew were there and interviewed Norman and James – so watch Channel 1 tonight at 6pm, if you can get RTE where you live.


We enjoyed meeting the RAI team – Alan, Lorraine, Joe, Emmet, Aileen, Jackie, etc and we appreciate their organised and welcoming approach to this event.

Our race number is T1, which pleased us since we are fans of Thunderbirds, and it reminds us of Thunderbird 1, and Christine with her Lady Penelope tendencies was equally approving.

Bertie Brown and the team are now chilling and looking forward to more preparation tomorrow when the full crew is present.